Clip Dos Acordes

Album Descriptive Piano

Song by Marco Chiaperotti and SaraoMusic. Album: Descriptive Piano (...)

New Release, Descriptive Piano

Love stories for a pair of hands and a piano

We will never be sure what causes love. It has always been a mystery. But when it comes, we always know. It’s a capricious, fickle spark that jumps around with an irrepressible desire to bring something (...)

Clip Ta Bonita

Reggaeton dela Isla

Want to see how quickly Reggaeton's natural good vibe spreads right across a whole island? (...)

New Release, Reggaeton dela Isla

An island just made for dancing (and to perrear)

Sarao’s latest album was put together on Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. Live and direct. This is Reggaeton, pure and absolute. It’s all about fun, good times, spontaneity, excitement, freedom, (...)

Pantin Classic and Pull&Bear

Spot Online

Pull&Bear celebrates the 30th edition of Pull&Bear Pantin Classic by launching a special surf-inspired collection. The synchronized song is Having Fun of our bright album titled Shiny Indie Pop (...)

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