Bassat supports his friend Paco Luzón in his fight against ALS

Online Piece

Luis Bassat, one of the most internationally acclaimed Spanish publicists, gives his support in this video to his friend Paco Luzón and his book “The journey is the reward”. In this autobiography, (...)

New Release, Cinematic Songs

Want to be the star of your own movie?

For this new Sarao album, we want you to dim the lights and watch as your own adventure unfolds. Because that’s what cinema is: a mystery. We just take our seat in a cinema, and from the moment the (...)

New Album: Indie Pop In The Sun

Paradise inside your head

Today Sarao would like to suggest you take your mind on a holiday, because this album is on a non-stop trip to Paradise. Ask anyone what their dream holiday would be, and they’ll almost certainly (...)

Videoclip Take Me To That Place

Album Indie Pop In The Sun

When summer comes, the sun shines, friends get together and life becomes a song bursting with freedom. Get into it. (...)

New Album: Really Motivational 2

Boost it. You can fly

A seed, a handful of earth and a few drops of water and you've created life. It's like a miracle. But that's just the beginning. After that, you need to grow. That's why you need to look for the (...)

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